Progressing & Protecting Professionalism

Through Enhanced Personal Effectiveness


After over a decade of delivering high quality, innovative and often unique adventurous charity events JP simply burnt out…  What followed wasn’t a period of recovery in the conventional sense rather a mission to answer the questions - Why do we do what we do? Why don’t we do what we’re supposed to, even though we can and know we should?  This led to the creation of the Professional Edge Project which allows JP to share knowledge, tactics and strategies to help those suffering the negative affects of working hard to make a positive impact, as well as those wishing to achieve Professional Excellence through enhanced Personal Effectiveness. 

JP Edgington - Creator of the Professional Edge Project and Head Coach.

JP Edgington - Creator of the Professional Edge Project and Head Coach.


Your level of Professionalism is determined by your Personal Effectiveness -

Calm, composure, confidence, capacity, capability, competence and mental resilience - Are all trainable.

Is this familiar?

Heavy workloads, tight deadlines and limited resources all leading to increased pressure and ‘stress’ in its many forms.    

As a result patience runs thin, tempers a short adding to friction within the team.

Attention becomes focused on problems not solutions with decisions being dictated by emotion with little objective regulation by logic or fact. 

All of which takes up more time (and a lot of precious mental energy). 

Negativity feeds anxiety and erodes productivity whilst increasing overwhelm deepens and quickens the downward spiral.     We focus on surviving till the weekend, the end of the day, lunch time even where we can gain a moments respite before returning to more of the same.

But when we do go home….how many then take this with us? Offloading onto family/friends and in some cases even affecting the ability to get decent sleep?  Unable to switch off and recharge we head into the next day still tired, with less patience, more stress, reduced confidence and so it continues….     

  If it goes on long enough it becomes a habit, the norm;

“It’s just the way it is here” or “it’s the nature of the job”.

What I’ve just described is common across many organisations and is an example of the compound or aggregate effect.  Of how even small things can slowly build and add up over time with the net result of ever decreasing mental resilience and declining professional effectiveness which reduces what I like to define as our ‘Capacity’. 

As our Capacity decreases we become less able to deal with challenges, new information, change and even to the point where the everyday and simple things trigger negative emotions and reactions.  Those tasks and situations once handled with ease now a source of concern, procrastination and overwhelm.

Just because it’s common or has become the norm doesn’t mean it cant be changed.


1:1 Coaching

One of the most efficient ways to progress is through 1:1 coaching.

If you’d like to find out more then why not arrange a ‘test drive’ and have an initial free 30min call (phone/Skype/Facetime).

Text or email to arrange. 07889 888915 - jp@the-outeredge.co.uk

Last week with the techniques from the group, and some personal message and phone coaching from JP I nailed a task that I had been putting off for months for a variety of complex reasons. I now feel happy, confident and re-energised to take on more challenges in a positive way.
— Stephen

Workshops - Exclusive & open

Powerful - Engaging - Adaptable - Effective

Choose one of our open workshops or arrange an exclusive one for your organisation created around your needs and aims.

Email me to discuss costs and special discounts for the Charity sector/Not for Profit organisations.

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Previous Workshops include:

Monkeys Sometimes fall out of trees -

Why mistakes happen and what we can do about it.

(Previous Clients include Vertex Instructor Training and the Calvert Trust)

Pro Workshop -

How to build and protect professionalism.

(Outward Bound Trust - Loch Eil)

The Normalisation of Deviance -

How good practice can become eroded into bad practice to the extent that it becomes common practice.

(Go Ape managers and senior staff)

Reducing Overwhelm & Increasing Productivity for those in the charity sector

(Open Workshops in Bristol and Exeter)

Protecting our professionalism from the effects of stress

(The Royal Academy of Music - Advancement Team)

Professional Effectiveness and resilience Workshop

(South West Water)

How to reduce stress & develop calm, confidence and composure to benefit our professional lives by improving our understanding of ourselves and others.

(Mendip Outdoor Pursuits).

Professional Effectiveness Workshop

(Great Notley Country Park)

Just a quick message I thought you’d appreciate.... I had a message from [ - ] last night saying how much they had valued the workshop yesterday, admitting they had issues with confidence and doubting themselves regularly but the tools you’d offered had almost immediately made a difference and that they’d gone straight home and loved writing their wins for the day.
Success in my eyes !
— Head of staff training

online training & coaching programs

Online training and coaching programs are an effective and convenient way of accessing the the knowledge, support and guidance that will allow you to reach your personal and professional goals. The blend of 1:1 coaching, group training, accountability and association make for an empowering environment for change and progression.

Previous courses include:

Put yourself in a position to be lucky - The assessment preparation course.

Put yourself in a position to be lucky - How to increase calm, confidence and composure.

These are my 3 main learning points from this course: focus on what you can control & aim not to stress about the rest; state of mind before & during the assessment can have a big impact; lots of the course content can also be applied to other aspects of life/work & can (should) be practised/used every day/very frequently. Following this course I now think/feel calmer, more confident & better prepared mentally about my assessment.
— Kirsty

P.E.P Talk - podcast from the Professional Edge project

The P.E.P Talk podcast episodes are available on most podcast platforms and there are a few episodes here for you - P.E.P Talk


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European Ropes Course Association - ‘Power of our commonalities and how our interdependence benefits humans on ropes courses.’

British Activity Providers Association - ‘Why we’re all capable of making mistakes & what we can do about it.’

Institute of Outdoor Learning - ‘How to increase policy & procedural adherence without the need for more policy and procedure.’

Activities Industry Mutual - Members conference - ‘Mindset or Skillset Issue?

Institute of Fundraising South West Conference - ‘The Imposter Within’.

Cornwall Fundraisers Group - ‘Turning Procrastination into Productivity.’

Bath Fundraisers Group - ‘The Imposter Within’.

Somerset Fundraisers Group - ‘Turning Procrastination into Productivity.’

This is a mash up of the audio recording of my talk and my slide presentation discussing the imposter syndrome and suggests some strategies to help - enjoy!
Honestly the most useful session I have ever had at a conference, I left feeling totally invigorated & confident in confronting things which would usually scare me.
— Laura Hewitt - Community Fundraising & Events Manager GWAAC

Increasing the understanding of ourselves & others so that we can better serve ourselves & others.