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Less overwhelm and more productivity for those in the charity sector. Bristol.

  • The Meeting Rooms, The Waterfront Welsh Back Bristol, England, BS1 4SB United Kingdom (map)

A Professional Edge Project charity sector special workshop - Just £65pp including a buffet lunch!

           For those suffering, or dealing with, the negative affects of working hard to make a positive impact.

Is this familiar? 

“I’ve got too much on”  “I don’t have enough time…”

Heavy workloads, tight deadlines and limited resources all leading to increased pressure and ‘stress’ in its many forms.    

As a result patience runs thin, tempers are short adding to friction within the team.

Attention becomes focused on problems, not solutions, with decisions being dictated by emotion with little objective regulation by logic or fact. 

All of which takes up more time (and a lot of precious mental energy). 

Negativity feeds anxiety and erodes productivity, whilst increasing overwhelm deepens and quickens the downward spiral. We focus on surviving till the weekend, the end of the day, lunch time even where we can gain a moment of respite before returning to more of the same.

But when we do go home… how many then take this with us? Offloading onto family/friends and in some cases even affecting the ability to get decent sleep?  Unable to switch off and recharge we head into the next day still tired, with less patience, more stress, reduced confidence and so it continues… If it goes on long enough it becomes a habit, the norm;

“It’s just the way it is here” or “it’s the nature of the job”

What I’ve just described is common across many organisations and is an example of the compound or aggregate effect.  Of how even small things can slowly build and add up over time with the net result of ever-decreasing mental resilience and declining professional effectiveness, which reduces what I like to define as our ‘Capacity’. 

As our Capacity decreases we become less able to deal with challenges, new information, change and even to the point where the everyday and simple things trigger negative emotions and reactions.  Those tasks and situations once handled with ease now become a source of concern, procrastination and overwhelm.

Just because it’s common or has become the norm doesn’t mean it can't be changed

This workshop provides an effective and efficient way to break this cycle or pattern.

Overwhelm and productivity are clearly linked - reduce one and you increase the other - unless of course the idea of increasing productivity leads to an increase of overwhelm!!  In which case you really need to be on this workshop.

We start with background knowledge of why we do what we do, why we react and respond in the ways that we do so we can understand overwhelm better. Understanding provides clarity and calm or the headspace if you like to be able to take on new perspectives and approaches.  Then we move onto proven practical tools and strategies that reduce overwhelm, increase productivity and begin to create new beneficial patterns and habits.

The key part of this workshop is the personalised and specific plan of action that each attendee will take away with them.  Providing them with clarity on the simple steps to take to achieve the change and progression that they’re after.


Let’s be realistic here - the attendance of one workshop will not solve all your overwhelm and time management issues. However, what if we reduced time wasted to overwhelm by just 20%?  What effect would that have on productivity and morale? What could the knock on benefits of that increased productivity and morale be?  

I’m guessing just a 20% increase in productivity would be very beneficial, right?

It’s all down to consistent application - that’s where you’ll see the benefits and the personalised plan that you go away with will clearly show you the next steps to take.

‘Yeah but….’

- Attending the workshop will take time!

Yes this workshop will take you away from your work - I fully appreciate that - but consider this:

What I share with you you can use for years to come to reduce/manage overwhelm and increase productivity/time management. You can share it with staff or colleagues making further savings or gains in time.

To ‘break even’ on the time saved vs time spent on this workshop you only need to save 16 mins a day over the next 30 working days - that’s it!  How much time are you currently losing to overwhelm and procrastination?

  To make a big leap forward it’s sometimes necessary to take a step back first.

- I’ve read books on this stuff already and am still in the same situation.

The acquisition of knowledge is a great place to start but it is only the first part of the process.

You can’t ask books questions (you can ask me all the questions you like!).

The book won’t be able to make adaptations and tweaks dependant on your specific needs (the creation of a specific and personalised plan is the core part of this workshop). 

Books don’t put you in room with likeminded solution focused people (the people in the room with you on this workshop will have similar experiences and aims and the power of association should not be underestimated.

- I’ve attended courses before and it didn’t help.

How specific to your needs where they? (this one will be!).

Was it straightforward to implement the strategies shown? (the ones I’ll show you will be).

Did you stay consistent in the application of what you were shown? (I’ll show you how to be - whether you do or not? Well that’s still down to you…)

Did they deal with Skillset AND Mindset issues around overwhelm and productivity? (We will be).

This is how confident I am about this workshop.

This has worked for me and so many others but if after 30 working days of measured* application you don’t see the benefits then I’ll refund the whole workshop amount.

*Don’t worry - this is also really straight forward to do!

Consider this - It’s not the situation, or person that causes us stress, anxiety or overwhelm - but our response to it/them, our perceptions and the meanings we attach - all of which will affect our capacity to deal with it/them and all of which we can do something about - it starts with realising we can, understanding and learning how to and then doing it… It’s in the last part that people often fall down - they learn but just don’t apply consistently.

Increased capacity leads to more resilience and a calmer approach. Increased understanding creates greater empathy and patience, saving time and improving productivity, which reduces the occurrence of overwhelm, which lowers stress levels, which increase capacity.  This approach focuses on creating a positive compound effect and an upward spiral which can lead to a sustained, longer term benefit to all.

I’m really excited to share this with you.


The workshop cost includes tea/coffee all day and a buffet lunch!! Nice...

If you have any questions then just ask - my details are below.

Need this in your organisation?  You can arrange for me to provide an exclusive workshop - contact me for discounted rates for Non Profit Organisations. or txt/call 07889 888915

Prefer an even more personalised and specific approach - maybe with ongoing guidance and support?  I can provide 1:1 coaching on this and many other aspects of personal and professional effectiveness.  email or txt/call 07889 888915