What others have to say.

Don’t just take my word for it…

This workshop is really useful if you are feeling overwhelmed at work, as JP really digs down into the reasons behind your overwhelm and offers you different ways to think about the reasons and come up with solutions. He brought up ideas that I had not considered before and has made me think twice when I get stressed at work. He also highlights the importance of switching off and the reasons behind it. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who may be feeling like work is getting on top of them!
— Lamorna

I just wanted to share that I’ve recently been able to use quite few of the tools from the online coaching programme and it made me feel so good about myself and my job. I received an email from a member of staff saying they were so stressed about a task they had been given that they couldn’t sleep at night and didn’t want to come into work. The task should have been completed by the previous Friday. 

Before signing up for your coaching programme, if I was faced with this I would have felt really stressed myself and it would trigger a ‘chimp’ reaction - but not this time! I was able to keep my calm and composure by changing how I viewed this situation. Rather than seeing the problem I decided to treat it as opportunity to practise my new skills. 

When communicating the delay up the chain, I was faced with usual “they should have done it, why haven’t they?”. This time, I managed to turn it around to ‘they would have done it if…’ and this resulted in discovering some home truths that needed to be addressed. I had a conversation with the member of staff; we talked about the danger of removing stresses from our lives and, by asking series of questions we concluded that the consequences of completing the task imperfectly are far less than not completing it at all… and that there was no real reason of feeling anxious about the job at all, their fears were all perceived. 

I introduced the member of staff to the ‘give yourself permission to quit - but...’ technique. The benefits of this were huge! I built stronger relationship and trust with the person. I would like to think I made the difference to quality of their life. I hope that I also gave food for thought to those abusing word ‘should’.
— KC

I have recently attended a course delivered by JP over a 5-week period. I found the course content to be very informative and presented in a manner which was easily received and acted upon.

JP challenged me through the course assignments and I was excited to work through the course work and enjoyed the additional presentations JP provided over the 5-weeks of the course.

I would certainly be interested in attending future course with JP and would strongly recommend him to others.
— Jim

We invited JP to present before we really knew the whole context of the meeting, the session was supposed to encourage thought and engagement amongst our manager team. The session not only did that but JP managed to link it to the other content that was being delivered that week. JP covered some big ideas and theory in a very short space of time with everyone taking something from the session.
— James Winter - Go Ape

Having spent the day with JP I can say that I left with my eyes being made to open wide and view the bigger picture around my work which includes a mixture of office + outdoor instructing. Both aspects of my role greatly benefited from the interaction with JP and I notice more about myself and my habits during my daily work. It is obvious that JP has a passion and vastly more knowledge than he can squeeze into the day course and I will certainly book on other sessions he is running in the future.
— Mark Bessell - Ashton Court School

We were so grateful for your help with our Member Event. Thank you so much for attending and for giving such an informative talk. The feedback on the day was very good. One Member declared it the best part of the day!!
Super to have you with us.
— Sophia Reed - Activities Industry Mutual